IHI Open School

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School provides learning opportunities and tools for students and professionals to gain skills in the areas of patient safety, quality improvement, leadership in healthcare and patient-centred care. These skills are essential in the workplace, but aren’t always taught in the academic curriculum. The IHI Open School aims to fill this void by offering an online, educational community featuring a growing catalog of online courses and extensive content and resources.


The IHI Open School offers several free courses for students and health professionals to enhance their
knowledge in the area of healthcare improvement.

The current course listing is as follows:

Managing Health Care Operations

  • MHO 101: Achieving Breakthrough Quality, Access, and Affordability

Patient- and Family-Centred Care

  • PFC 101: Dignity and Respect


  • L 101: So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care

Population Health

  • PH 101: Introduction to Population Health

Patient Safety

  • PS 100: Introduction to Patient Safety
  • PS 101: Fundamentals of Patient Safety
  • PS 102: Human Factors and Safety
  • PS 103: Teamwork and Communication
  • PS 104: Root Cause and Systems Analysis
  • PS 105: Communicating with Patients after Adverse Events
  • PS 106: Introduction to the Culture of Safety

Quality Improvement

  • QI 101: Fundamentals of Improvement
  • QI 102: The Model for Improvement: Your Engine for Change
  • QI 103: Measuring for Improvement
  • QI 104: Putting It All Together
  • QI 105: The Human Side of Quality Improvement
  • QI 106: Level 100 Tools
  • QI 201: Guide to the IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum


  • E PS1: Partnering to Heal: Teaming Up Against Healthcare-Associated Infections


The IHI Open School offers a basic certificate of completion for users who want formal recognition for
their participation. Earning a certificate boosts your own skills — and proves to employers that you’re
serious about changing the system for the better.

To receive a basic certificate, you must complete the following online courses:

  • Quality Improvement: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106
  • Patient Safety: 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106
  • Leadership: 101
  • Patient- and Family-Centred Care: 101
  • Managing Health Care Operations: 101