Leadership Team

2017-2018 Leadership Positions Open:


For more information on any of the positions, please contact the emails listed below or operations@utihiopenschool.ca.

FOR ALL POSITIONS, PLEASE VISIT the IHI Open School Website BEFORE APPLYING (http://www.ihi.org/education/ihiopenschool/overview/Pages/default.aspx)

Available positions:
President (1)
Director of Operations (1)
Director of Collaboration (1)
Director of Communication (2)
Director of Practical Experience (3)

*Director of Education position is no longer available

See the instructions to apply below. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis up until JUNE 24th at 11:59 pm. Interviews will take place on a rolling basis as applications are received.

President (1 position available)

  1. Work with faculty advisors, executive team and leadership team to move in strategic direction and achieve organizational goals
  2. Actively collaborate and communicate with IHI Open School Canadian Region Coordinator and other IHI Open School Chapters to achieve national IHI Open School objectives
    1. In 2017 this involved organizing a national conference that took place simultaneously in Vancouver and Toronto
  3. Increase Chapter profile within professional faculties, public and private sector
  4. Support each portfolio and individual Leadership Team Members: Track progress of individual projects, and ensure efficient teamwork and communication
  5. Chair regular leadership team meetings, annual General Meeting, annual Faculty Advisory Meetings
  6. Communicate with Faculty Advisors through at least three FAC updates per year, and communicate with the IHI Open School and other IHI chapters
  7. Ensure completion of transition reports, and end-of-year report
  8. Conduct end-of-year leadership team survey and membership survey
  9. Increase Chapter funding
  10. Hold signing authority

For more information: contact president@utihiopenschool.ca

Director of Operations (1 position available)

  1. Act as the finance officer, in charge of creating budget, managing finances, collecting sponsorship, organizing reimbursements to chapter members and keeping accurate records of all transactions
  2. Manage internal operations including monitoring chapter activities, tracking performance managing inventory and identifying areas of improvement
  3. Maintain U of T, CCR, MedSoc, and UTSU recognition
  4. Complete funding applications from the U of T, UTSU, U of T faculties and support sponsorship efforts from external organizations
  5. Hold signing authority
  6. Support membership list maintenance

For more information: contact operations@utihiopenschool.ca

Director of Collaboration (1 Position Available)

  1. Establish new and/or maintain existing sponsorship relationships with University organizations and departments.
  2. Maintain a central record of internal collaborators (faculty, university organizations) and external collaborators (government, healthcare organizations, patient safety, quality improvement organizations and private sector).
  3. Provide regular updates to sponsorship partners.
  4. Provide support to conference organizing committee by managing fundraising effort for annual conference.
    1. Create and maintain latest version(s) of sponsorship prospectus, communication templates and related fundraising media (logos, forms etc.)
    2. Coordinate and track outreach effort
    3. Arrange sponsor benefits allocation and respond to sponsor requests as needed
    4. Provide support to President in liaising with Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) as required.
  1. Time Commitment is 2-3 hours per week, can increase in the weeks leading up to the Conference (early May 2017).

For more information: contact collaboration@utihiopenschool.ca

Director of Communications (2 positions available)

  1. Work with co-Director of Communications (there will be 2 positions) and other team members to coordinate content update for event promotion on all online platforms
  2. Support all Leadership Team Members and promote their events and recruitment efforts
  3. Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to advertise events and explore additional marketing avenues
  4. Monitor and support online registration forms, applications, and bookings (i.e. membership, leadership elections, seminars)
  5. Work with co-directors on branding strategies 
  6. Recruit student members throughout the year and encourage active engagement in the Chapter.
  7. Recruit and coordinate a Marketing Team/Class representatives and assist them with information dissemination to promote Chapter activities.
  8. Update members and collaborators on Chapter news
  9. Maintain organizational history via meeting minutes
  10. Update mailing list
  11. Create and send membership survey with the President

For more information: contact@utihiopenschool.ca or communications@utihiopenschool.ca

Director of Practical Experience (3 positions available)

  1. Work with co-Directors of Practical Experience (there will be 3 positions total).
  2. Identify and engage healthcare professionals (“project champions”) in healthcare centers across the Greater Toronto Area to arrange respective practical experience opportunities (i.e. quality improvement (QI) projects).
    1. Ideally, maximum 10 projects total.
  3. Recruit past QI project students to be QI project mentors and assign each member 2-3 project teams whose students they will support throughout the duration of their projects.
  4. Work with Directors of Communications to advertise and recruit interested students for QI projects from interprofessional faculties (e.g. medicine, IHPME, public health, pharmacy, OT, PT, IMS, etc.).
  5. Create QI Project student teams based on QI projects available (projects identified by successfully-recruited healthcare professionals, i.e. QI project champions).
  6. Connect students with QI professionals at the various QI Project sites (e.g., hospitals, long term care facilities, Community Care Access Centres, community clinics).
  7. Obtain agreed-upon QI project document deadlines from QI project teams (timelines should be individualized and determined by each project team).
  8. Monitor QI project progress throughout the year by:
    1. Providing project guidelines (student agreements, team lead agreements, IHI QI practicum handbook, rough QI project timeline)
    2. Collecting and filing QI project documents from all students into UTIHI Google Drive:
      1. Student agreement,
      2. Team lead agreement,
      3. Teacher-learner agreement,
      4. IHI module completion certificates (QI101, QI102, QI103, QI301),
      5. Project charter,
      6. Cause and effect diagram,
      7. PDSA cycles,
      8. Run chart,
      9. Final report, and
      10. ICCN conference abstract/poster.
    3. Obtaining status updates from team mentors, team leads, and all team members.
    4. Working with teams to dynamically adapt their project timelines throughout the year, if necessary.
  9. Provide ongoing support & assistance to all students and address any issues that may arise within the individual teams (e.g. QI team conflict, concerns about champions, etc.).
  10. Lead and organize events (e.g. QI project kick-off event, PDSA cycle workshop, & conference prep session event, etc.) for students and champions.
  11. Provide support to fellow co-Directors of Practical Experience and QI project mentors (see below).
  12. Increase participation in practical experience opportunities.
    1. Work with President and Director of Communications to promote opportunities.
    2. Evaluate and determine ways to improve existing practical experience opportunities.
  13. Ensure all QI project students receive appropriate IPE credits upon project completion.

For more information: contact qi@utihiopenschool.ca

Instructions to apply:

  1. Complete this Application Form
  2. Email your Application Form and CV/Resume to president@utihiopenschool.ca and operations@utihiopenschool.ca with the subject: UTIHI Exec Application.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis up until the deadline. Interviews will take place on a rolling basis as applications are received. Successful applicants will be contacted with interview details by email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Daphne at president@utihiopenschool.ca.  Thank you for your interest. We look forward to receiving your applications!

The deadline to apply is Saturday, June 24th at 11:59 pm.

Why should I join a Chapter?

Learn. We provide a robust offering of information about patient safety and quality improvement you may not learn in school. Check out the monthly “On Call” audio conference series, expert video interviews, and monthly Chapter activities!

Connect. Face ­to ­face Chapter activities will bring students from all health professions together to discuss quality and patient safety issues, work through interactive activities, and host guest speakers

Why should I join the executive team?

You will receive formal recognition from the IHI as a Chapter Leader. You will share ideas and successes with colleagues and IHI Chapter from around the world. You will gain skills and tools to organize, recruit, and lead within your Chapter. You will be part of a movement that directly improves healthcare in the Greater Toronto Area.

Add to your resume highly sought-after skills by future employers.

Interested in Quality Improvement Projects?

For more information about QI projects click here.