QI Observerships

If you are interested in a QI Observership for the 2015-2016 session please fill out the Student Application Form. The deadline is October 31, 2015

The QI Observerships provide students from healthcare (e.g. medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) and healthcare-related disciplines (e.g. engineering, health policy, public health, etc.) with short-term educational and practical experience opportunities in leadership, patient safety, and quality improvement. UT IHI Open school has recruited QI experts in the health care field that are eager to share their expertise and experience with students through an observership. Accepted students in our Observership program will be matched with a QI Observership Collaborator and will be given a short-term opportunity to do one or more of the following during the 2015-2016 academic year:

  • Job Shadowing
  • Attending one of the Collaborator’s QI or Patient Safety Meetings
  • Attending Rounds and events related to QI or Patient Safety
  • Tours around the Collaborator’s facility

Please contact practical@new.utihiopenschool.ca to contribute to or recommend an observership opportunity.

Comments from Past Observerships

“I fully enjoyed my QI observership. My QI collaborator was very approachable and was open to any questions that I had. It was really great to be able to piece it all together and see how QI and PS are actually applied in the real world.”
– UHN observership

“I did learn a lot and enjoy the observership very much! It is a great eye-opener opportunity to me and it has exposed me to the underlying infection and hygiene issues in the hospital which I previously do not know. I really appreciate this observership and is looking forward to my next chance in participating in it again!”
– UHN observership

“A very good exposure to quality improvement initiatives in Ontario appropriate to my level of training and stimulating to my interests. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Health Transformations 2012 HQO conference. I would recommend anyone interested in promoting quality improvement and patient centered care should attend the conference in the future.”
– HQO observership

“It was a very valuable experience for me. It took me to the “inside” of NYGH and truly showed me how the complex problems at the hospital are tackled from every single details. It is amazing to see how certain quality concepts are implemented and tested in the hospital environment, and how experts analyse these feedback and prompt to make the solution even better.”
– NYGH observership

“I developed valuable relationships with Carrie-Lynn and Kim (Senior Director, CPSI). I loved every minute. A bag of CPSI goodies – strategy, plan, educational DVD set, and so on were ready for me when I arrived, including a CPSI notebook and pen. Carrie-Lynn spent every minute of that day with me inspiring me with her patient care journey.”
– CPSI observership